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Our Career Support Team strives to ensure that our current and prospective students receive the most benefits possible. We offer support in the following areas. If you are interested in our career support services, please click the 'Register' button and complete the registration form.

CV Review

A great CV perfectly summarises and communicates your academic, professional and extra-curricular accomplishments in a highly organised and direct manner to the employer. It is the most important element of you job application process. 

Our team of experts review and modify your CV so that it is ready for the job market in the United Kingdom.

Curriculum Vitae
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Job Search and Application

Job search and application process are as tiring as ever. A careful consideration of vacancies and highly customised applications are essential to land in the right job.


Our team of experts will assist you in finding and applying for the job of your dreams in the job market of the United Kingdom

Interview Preparation

Along with a good CV and job application, the candidate must be able to present himself or herself in the best possible way during a job interview.

Our team of experts give you the guidance and support in preparing for your job interview which is the final step in securing your dream job.

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